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Private Patient Fees

Dr Ben Esdaile provides dermatology services for private patients from the UK as well as international patients.

If you have private medical insurance please contact your insurer. Dr Esdaile is recognised by all major medical insurance companies. 

For private patients who wish to pay for their own treatment the following fees apply:

Consultation Fees* - as of September 2022

Initial consultation & Follow up consultation


(Chase Lodge New consultation £250 & follow-up consultation £200)

Mole mapping initial consultation



with total    

body digital photography and dermoscopy               

*including USB stick of Mole map report*

Mole mapping follow up consultation



with total body digital photography and



Virtual Initial consultation & Follow up consultation




 Repeat prescriptions    


We will send you a text reminder 48 hours before your appointment and if you wish to postpone or cancel, then please contact us by phone or email during office hours. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the appointment or non-attendance will carry a £75 fee.

Procedure Fees

The following fee structure is for self funding patients. These are the fees that will be charged by Dr Esdaile for performing the procedure. Each clinic also charges fees that apply to procedures that must be performed in a surgical room. This is independent of Dr Esdaile's fee and is a common practice in the private sector to cover for theatre costs, instruments, stitches, nurse fees etc. These fees can be discussed during your consultation depending on the procedure recommended and the location. If you have comprehensive insurance, pathology and clinic fees are usually covered by your insurance. We recommend that you check with your insurance in advance as to the level of your cover.

Diagnostic skin biopsy


Cryotherapy (up to 3 lesions)**


Cryotherapy (4 or more lesions)**


Curettage and Cautery of skin lesions (up to 3 lesions)



Curettage and Cautery of skin lesions (4 or more)

Electrodessication of skin lesions**


Excision of benign skin lesion (trunk and limbs) with stitches



Excision of benign skin lesion (head and neck) with stitches

Intralesional steroid injection**


Shave Excision of benign skin lesions (trunk and limbs - up to 3)



Shave Excision of benign skin lesions (trunk and limbs -  4 - 5

Shave Excision of benign skin lesions (head and neck - up to 3)


Shave Excision of benign skin lesions (head and neck -   4-5)



Excision of skin cancer - trunk and limbs

Excision of skin cancer - head and neck


Removal of lipoma - trunk and limbs



Removal of lipoma - head and neck

Complex skin surgical reconstruction with skin graft/flap   

Price dependent on procedure and site.

Daylight photodynamic therapy


*Pathology fee  - All skin lesions removed surgically are sent to the laboratory fee for analysis - this fee will vary between £87 - £200 depending on the tests required by the laboratory.

**These are out-patient fees and will charged alongside the consultation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our pricing.

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