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General Dermatology


All aspects of general dermatology including eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Skin Cancer


We diagnose and manage all types of skin cancer

Skin Surgery


Basic and Advanced skin surgery can be performed.

Paediatric Dermatology


Our team manages all skin conditions in children.

Mole Checks and Mole mapping


All skin checks are performed with a dermatoscope.

Excess sweating  (Hyperhydrosis)


Multiple treatments including axillary botulinum injections.

Hair and Nail Disorders


We diagnose and manage all disorders of hair and nails.

Skin infections 


We manage many skin infections including viral warts (verrucas).

Cosmetic Dermatology


We can remove unsightly skin lesions such as tags, cysts and moles.

Sun damage and ageing


Topical therapy to treat ageing and sun damaged skin.

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